Knights of Columbus Insurance

Since our founding in 1882, the primary mission of the Knights of Columbus has been to protect families from the financial ruin caused by the death of the breadwinner.

In the beginning, Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney and his fellow Knights “passed the hat” to benefit widows and orphans.

From that humble start, the Order has grown to include top-rated life insurance, long-term care insurance and retirement products.

With more than $86 billion of insurance in force and a full-time field force of more than 1,400 serving our members and their families, we are proudly fulfilling Fr. McGivney’s vision.

The best way to learn about our products is by arranging a visit with our local field agent.  Our local field agent can custom design an insurance program to meet your current needs, help you plan for the future or simply explain the many fraternal benefits that come with membership.  To contact our local field agent, Tom Varkados, call him at (847) 951-3663, or email Tom at

To learn more about insurance or our products, please use the links on this page.  To get a rough estimate of the amount of life insurance protection you and your family need, use our Life Insurance Calculator.  The Knights of Columbus is Your Shield of Protection for Life.

Insurance Products

Permanent Plans
Do you need life insurance that lasts as long as you live? Our permanent plans are your best option.

Term Plans
Are your life insurance needs temporary?  Many people's needs are, indeed, temporary - even though they may be of long duration.

Long Term Care
Are you prepared for the unexpected?  Record numbers of people are living into their 80s, 90s... and even past the age of 100.

Is your income secured for your retirement?  The beauty of our annuity products lies squarely in their simplicity and security.

Disability Income
Protects your most important asset - your income - in the event of a disability.

Insurance Q & A

Who is my servicing agent?
Always refer to your policy. A copy of the application along with the field agent’s business card should be included.
Why aren’t my dividends paying my premium?
Dividends are payable on all forms of paid up insurance except policies being kept in force as extended term insurance.
Do I need life insurance?
Yes, the chances are you do need life insurance, whether it’s for paying funeral expenses, replacing income, providing money for your child’s education, protecting your home or many other reasons.  Unfortunately, too many people don’t know the value of a life insurance policy and go without any or adequate coverage.  Check out our life insurance calculator to see where you stand.

Is the Knights of Columbus financially strong?
Yes. The Order is one of the strongest organizations from which you can purchase insurance, as assessments by independent evaluators consistently show. Our margin of safety is among the best in the industry.  The Knights of Columbus annually receives the highest ratings given by the A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poor’s.

What exactly are dividends?
Dividends are the divisible surplus the Order has left over after paying expenses and setting aside the necessary amounts to assure that future benefits are fully funded.  Dividends develop from favorable experience, such as people living longer than expected or from interest earnings higher than those guaranteed in their policy. Remember, the payment of dividends cannot be guaranteed.

If I have questions about my insurance policy, or have an interest in learning more about the products the Order offers, whom should I ask?
Your professional Knights of Columbus agent can answer any questions you may have.  Even if you are not currently a policyholder, a field agent, who is also a brother Knight is available to meet with you at your convenience the needs of you and your family.  To contact our General Agent, Tom Varkados, call him at (847) 951-3663, or email Tom at

U.S. residents who would like additional information concerning life insurance, long-term care insurance or annuities, may wish to view the Web site of the American Council of Life Insurers.

Occasionally, someone speaks out publicly on behalf of the merits of permanent life insurance.  CNBC interviewed investment professionals, Joe Heider of Dawson Wealth Management and Adam Sherman of Firstrust Financial Resources, that are advising their clients on the advantages of owning permanent life insurance as part of their client’s overall financial planning strategy.  Watch this short video from CNBC as the advantages of owning permanent life insurance are discussed.